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Wood-Stove Off-gas

The Catalysts business has been studying the problem of wood heating efficiency for a number of years. Non-Catalytic Wood stoves burning at low or medium level typically send smoke up the chimney, as the secondary combustion chamber is simply not hot enough. In a catalytic stove, when the smoke passes through a Clariant catalytic combustor, the incineration temperature of the smoke is reduced dramatically. Thus the energy stored in the smoke is incinerated, even at low temperatures, creating and releasing more heat via radiant-heat transfer.

Clariants EnviCat® LongLife Plus Combustors provide economical and environmental solutions for the burning of wood as a source of heat. These catalytic combustors offer many of the unique properties that have made Clariant catalysts the premier choice for catalytic converter systems for more than two decades. Clariant has developed the optimum chemistry to formulate a catalyst that yields the lowest emissions and longest life of any catalyst in the world. Clariant's catalytic combustors are available in a variety of designs for wood burning stoves.

EnviCat® LongLife-Series are available with different catalyst carriers offered for woodburning applications. Ceramic (cordierite and mullite), widely accepted as the ceramics of choice, and metal (stainless steel). However, they do not all perform the same in every wood-stove and appliance application.
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